August 2017 Prayer Letter

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Daniel and Robby Grether’s Free Indeed Prayer Letter-August 2017

Main continuing focus for prayer:
*Free Indeed Ministries Int’l to fulfill its calling to equip leaders intergenerationally.
*Father to personally show up in full power Transforming Revival in our region and world.
*Strengthening the Spokane Prayer Summit and broader prayer movement.
*The founding and establishing of My Father’s House… a House of Prayer for All Nations.
*Our purposeful relationship building with the Spokane Indian Tribe to heal this land.

Dear Free Indeed Ministries Intercessors,

July has been a rich month of kingdom-building ministry orchestrated by the Lord. We are so thankful for your prayer support. Our Father is definitely answering your prayers.

I’m pleased to announce the inauguration of a new format for our emailed prayer letter this month that will link it more closely with our web site. Thank you for standing with Free Indeed!

Answered Prayers for July 2017

1. REQUEST: Tuesday-Tuesday, 6/27-7/3/17, we will travel to Sparks Nevada for a Grether family reunion including all three of my siblings and many of our children and grandchildren. Pray again that the Lord will be present and active among us for his glory.

ANSWER: Every generation connected well with its own generation and intergenerationally. We met family members we hadn’t met. The littlest children didn’t remember us at first, but sure warmed up to us. Special times and conversations drew us closer to our own and our children’s generations. Also, the Lord kept us safe on the roads and a talented man in the family provided assistance when needed on our ailing car, which made it possible for Robby to take a side trip into California for a wonderful visit with her sister Gayla.

2. REQUEST: Thursday, 7/6/17, 10 am, I will visit Spokane Area Leaders Together (SALT) meeting at Living Stone Church (CLC). Pray for a good connection with these pastors and leaders.

ANSWER: There was a good connection with them.

3. REQUEST: Wednesday, 7/13/17, 1:00 pm, Robby and I will be meeting with Tom and Sharon Murphy, TLC Kingdom Ministries, who lead “land cleansing” teams in our area. We’re going to compare notes. Pray that the the Lord’s harvest network will be strengthened.

ANSWER: It was a good “get to know each other time.” We look forward to seeing more of this strategic couple.

4. REQUEST: July/August were tentative dates for a getaway gathering of mostly young kingdom minded men in ministry. Kaleb Fisher has been meeting with some of them, aiming for a meeting mid-July to plan a day prayer event in the fall. Let’s pray as a friend told me she recently started praying, “Lord Jesus, please come and do everything you want to do in, with and through us.”

ANSWER: Kaleb presented the vision of periodic relational prayer meetings and an additional more extensive time together each year to three of the young kingdom men (and me) July 21st. Three others that have bought into the vision were not able to attend this initial gathering. A core group is forming. Please continue birthing prayers for this new fellowship.

5. REQUEST: Otherwise, my calendar for July looks quite familiar. It has all the regular meetings that continue weekly/monthly. They are the bread and butter of ministry relationships. Other engagements are scheduled more spontaneously like the meetings with young men and other serendipitous times with kingdom people that are also rich. Your prayer covering welcomes the Lord’s strong working into all of them. Thank you!

ANSWER: Looking back, July’s calendar filled up with rich kingdom relationships, more than I can name. I am so grateful for what the Lord is doing. Let me share one of the connections that the Lord unexpectedly led me into.

July 20th, I met with Todd Ellingburg and two others at the Kalispel Salish Language School in Cusick WA and heard the account of the tribal language, which has been recently saved and recovered, now being taught to young children, Kalispels and others. Because this heart language carries the tribal culture, the culture is being reclaimed as well. The Kalispel School children were recently taken on an outing to speak Interior Salish with the Spokane Tribe’s School children who are also learning their nearly identical Salish language. They were happily able to communicate in Salish with their tribal close cousins. I believe Todd said that this is the first time in 150 years that such a conversation in Salish has been permitted and possible. Please pray that a set of oral Bible stories will be prepared in this heart language thereby extending God’s kingdom in these two tribes.

6. REQUEST: It’s possible that our calendar and ways of doing things shouldn’t be so familiar. Pray that Free Indeed will make the changes that the Lord directs to reach the goals he has set before us. Consider the following example.

In his book, Set Free, Roy Peterson recounts the story that major donors met with large Bible translation-distribution ministries in 2011 and told them something like this. You will never reach your timely goals of a Bible in every language (and every home) by continuing to do ministry the way you are now. You will have to do things differently to get where you want to be. The Bible Societies listened and considered these words. When they reached agreement with the diagnoses, drastic steps were taken to do things faster, better and cheaper in a tightly-knit kingdom partnership of Bible Societies and funders called Every Tribe, Every Nation (ETEN). This new configuration is leading in the most accelerated heart-language Bible translation and distribution that the world has ever seen. It’s just in time for the greatest population growth and the greatest harvest of souls as well in earth’s history.

This blesses and inspires me greatly and challenges me to seek the Lord for clear directions on what we need to stop doing, change the way we are doing it or start doing it faster, better and cheaper, together with other kingdom entities. Lord help us! Show us clearly how to cooperate with you as you make Spokane and the Inland Northwest radiant with your glory.

ANSWER: The Lord has been sending to me other key connectors in the body of Christ this month, confirming that he is putting his body in working order, building it up as every member of the body does what they are designed to do.

Prayer Requests for August 2017

1. REQUEST: Wednesday, 8/2/17, 10:00 am, Pastor Toby Mitchell of Access Church and I will meet again. Pray that our growing relationship will be kingdom fruitful.

2. REQUEST: Thursday, 8/3/17 8:30 am, the Tri-County Transformation Group meets at The Vine Community Church in Deer Park. Pray for updated relationships with the host and guest pastors.

3. REQUEST: Wednesday, 8/9/17, 2:30 pm, the Spokane Prayer Summit team will meet at My Father’s House of Prayer. Pray for the Lord to show us what Father is doing at this summit so that we can track well with him.

4. REQUEST: Tuesday, 8/15/17, 10:00 am, meeting with the Spokane Tribal Business Council in Wellpinit. Pray Holy Spirit lead us all into his purposes of good relationships and well-being for all the peoples on the land.
After the Council meeting, some of the Gilgal friends plan to gather for a reunion.

5. REQUEST: Wednesday, 8/16/17, 11:00 am, Pastor Josh Bingle.

6. REQUEST: Saturday, 8/19/17, Housewarming for Scott and Noreen McConnell at My Father’s House of Prayer. Give thanks with us that McConnells are able to move into the caretaker’s unit at the House of Prayer. Pray that this significant step forward will facilitate accelerated completion of the whole house and property for its service to the whole body of Christ.

7. REQUEST: Tuesday, 8/22/17, 2:00 pm, Pastor Walter Kendricks.

8. REQUEST: Sunday-Monday, 8/27-9/4/17, Vacation at Sam Owen Campground on Lake Pend Oreille. Pray for refreshing-recharging and some family time with our daughter’s family at the lake.

We are so blessed to have you prayer warriors and intercessors standing with us in sustaining prayer. Thank you so much! May your reward be great.

Yours and Christ’s for a radiant Spokane that blesses all the families and peoples of the earth,

With our love,
Daniel and Robby Grether