September 2017 Prayer Letter

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Daniel and Robby Grether’s Free Indeed Prayer Letter-September 2017

Main continuing focus for prayer:
*Free Indeed Ministries Int’l to fulfill its calling to equip leaders intergenerationally.
*Father to personally show up in full power Transforming Revival in our region and world.
*Strengthening the Spokane Prayer Summit and broader prayer movement.
*The founding and establishing of My Father’s House… a House of Prayer for All Nations.
*Our purposeful relationship building with the Spokane Indian Tribe to heal this land.

Dear Free Indeed Ministries Intercessors,

There have been several highlights this month… (1) Two extended meetings with dear friends at divinely appointed times after which it was obvious that the Lord had orchestrated the conversation, bringing revelation, understanding, and deliverance. He also spoke a powerful life-changing word.

(2) A personal and relational meeting with the Chairwoman Carol Evans and Vice-Chairman David Brown Eagle of the Spokane Tribal Council. Read David Brown Eagle’s tender “A Story Concerning my Grandmother” here.

(3) A wonderful housewarming for Scott and Noreen McConnel, including warm-hearted prayers of commissioning them, as they soon move into the residence upstairs in My Father’s House of Prayer.

Prayer Requests for September 2017

1. REQUEST: Sunday-Monday, 8/27-9/4/17, Vacation at Sam Owen Campground on Lake Pend Oreille. Pray for refreshing-recharging and relationship-building time with our daughter’s family at the lake. Pray also for a download from the Lord for a special upcoming ministry engagement in September.

2. REQUEST: Mondays, 9/4/17 and on, 6-8 pm, Robby and I do a prayer session at My Father’s House of Prayer (MFHOP). The MFHOP team meets as a whole on 9/15 and 9/22. As the House of Prayer moves forward, our team of eight is entering into a deeper level of honest wrestling than ever before. Please continue to hold us in prayer.

3. REQUEST: Wednesday, 9/6/17, I meet with Pastor Josh Bingle in the morning and Bill Schara in the afternoon. Pray for these connecting, strengthening and “fire building” times. The Lord fills each month as it progresses with key appointments.

4. REQUEST: Friday, 9/8/17, the Free Indeed Ministries Int’l team meets. Pray for Holy Spirit wind in our sails.

5. REQUEST: Monday, 9/11/17, 2:30, the Spokane Prayer Summit team meets at My Father’s House of Prayer. Pray ahead for this fall’s Prayer Summit, October 2-4, 2017 at Ross Point, and for this last scheduled team meeting at which to pray and prepare, that Jesus, the Lord of glory, will meet us there.

6. REQUEST: Sunday eve-Tuesday morn, 9/17-19/19/17, Horizon Church in Seattle is hosting a Sons of Issachar Conference with Derek Brown presenting. Pray that we will understand “the signs of the times” and know what to do as the sons of Issachar did when they helped install David as King. (2 Chronicles 12:23, 32, 38)

7. REQUEST: Tuesday aft-Wednesday aft, 9/19-20/17, a Cascadia Summit in Vantage will continue the conversation with Derek Brown. I think the primary question is, “How do we track well with our Lord Jesus Christ who is taking his Church to a place we haven’t been.” Pray that we will see the Lord’s face and follow him well.

Answered Prayers for August 2017

1. REQUEST: Wednesday, 8/2/17, 10:00 am, Pastor Toby Mitchell of Access Church and I will meet again. Pray that our growing relationship will be kingdom fruitful.

ANSWER: Toby and I enliven and strengthen each other. It is seriously good to be together and is proving to be kingdom productive.

2. REQUEST: Thursday, 8/3/17 8:30 am, the Tri-County Transformation Group meets at The Vine Community Church in Deer Park. Pray for updated relationships with the host and guest pastors.

ANSWER: Relationships and prayers were updated. Host pastor Jeromy Waunch and I set a follow-up appointment which was a valuable connection.

3. REQUEST: Wednesday, 8/9/17, 2:30 pm, the Spokane Prayer Summit team will meet at My Father’s House of Prayer. Pray for the Lord to show us what Father is doing at this summit so that we can track well with him.

ANSWER: It was a good-humored team meeting, including a young pastor new on the team.

4. REQUEST: Tuesday, 8/15/17, 10:00 am, meeting with the Spokane Tribal Business Council in Wellpinit. Pray Holy Spirit lead us all into his purposes of good relationships and well-being for all the peoples on the land.

ANSWER: Four of us met with the Chairwoman and Vice, Chairman of the Council and enjoyed extended conversation. The relationships are wonderfully strengthening between us.

5. REQUEST: Wednesday, 8/16/17, 11:00 am, Pastor Josh Bingle.

ANSWER: Josh and I have a great time every time sharing and encouraging each other.

6. REQUEST: Saturday, 8/19/17, Housewarming for Scott and Noreen McConnell at My Father’s House of Prayer. Give thanks with us that McConnells are able to move into the caretaker’s unit at the House of Prayer. Pray that this significant step forward will facilitate accelerated completion of the whole house and property for its service to the whole body of Christ.

ANSWER: The housewarming was great, especially the affirmation and commissioning prayer over the McConnells in their new home within the House of Prayer. Meanwhile, the Lord blessed our team when we met with recognition of a major obstacle. Like the mountain of obstruction in Zechariah 4:6-7, it was removed.

We are so blessed to have you prayer warriors and intercessors standing with us in sustaining prayer. We love and appreciate you. Thank you so much! May your reward be great.

Yours and Christ’s for a radiant Spokane that blesses all the families and peoples of the earth,

Daniel and Robby Grether