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January 2018 Prayer Letter

Posted By on Dec 31, 2017

Daniel and Robby Grether’s Free Indeed Prayer Letter-January 2017 Dear Free Indeed Ministries Intercessors, Our last Thursday morning prayer meeting was so good, in prayer, the Lord’s presence, ministry to each other and a strong sense that God will do greater things among us in 2018. I went directly from the Mission to the My Father’s House of Prayer to spend the day with Scott McConnell, construction supervisor, on a...

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Heart Circumcision

Posted By on Jan 22, 2016

Experiencing the Father’s Love My wife, Robby, and I were experiencing our heavenly Father’s love every morning more powerfully than I had thought possible. No matter how early we awakened, we didn’t want to go back to sleep. We wanted to talk with our Father and soak in his exquisite love. Our hearts were not only being knit with his, but with each other’s as well. It all started during one early morning prayer gathering downtown...

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